blogging for beginners

Blogging for beginners | Best tips for blogging and earn money

This article is very helpful for the new bloggers. This post is based on the blogging for beginners. In this article, we will cover all the solutions of the problems which were faced by the new bloggers. Blogging for beginners is very difficult but if you are interested to learn something new then blogging becomes interesting for you. Firstly, you must know about blog. What is blog and who is blogger, if you know everything about that only then you can do work on it. The word blog is also known as weblog. It is a just like an online diary in which you can do entries regularly. Whenever you write a post online then on which you wrote a post is known as a blog and whoever wrote that post is known as blogger. Now, you can easily differentiate between blogger and blog.

Choose the topic or title for blogging | Blogging for beginners

blogging for beginners

Earlier, as we told you that blogging for beginners is not so easy but it can be easy, it’s just depend upon your interest. According to me, choose that topic in which you’re interested. Because if you choose topic based on your interested then you don’t get bored. On the other hand, if you choose that topic in which you’re not interested then you gonna bore very soon. So, I recommend that choose topic based on your interest. Now, if you wrote a blog then you have also rank it. For ranking choose the topic very smartly. Choose a topic based on your interested and see the keyword difficulty. If the keyword difficulty is less then there is more chance to rank your blog. You can observe your keyword difficulty through kwfinder.

Now, after check your difficulty you can also check the trending blogs related to your blog. You can check it in google trends, it gives complete knowledge of trending blogs. You can also search popular blogs or personal blogging for beginners on google. We will give you blogging tips for beginners. There are many blogging platforms, blogging sites or blogging examples which you can find on google. But how to implement them or how can you use them, only we tell you. That’s why read the entire blog very clearly and carefully.

Creating useful content

blogging for beginners

Content is the backbone of your blog. As we told you that blogging for beginners is not so easy, it’s just depend upon your interest. Creating a useful content means your content must be very attractive. Your content should be that type of content which realized the readers that this content are only made for them. Focus on your way of representation. Your representation must be good, perfect and also attract the readers to spend their time here. Your representation must be that type of representation which compel the readers to share. The quality of your content must be higher and higher. However, quantity of a blog also matter but the quality matters more. Moreover, you have also focus on some tips like the title’s related searches.

Firstly, observe your title and copy that and also paste that in google search engine. Now, come on the footer side and note the related searches and also copy them all and paste them in your content to rank your blog. Moreover, all these tips helps to rank your blog.

How to rank your blog

blogging for beginners

This is the main problems for all beginners as we say you blogging for beginners is not so easy and also you have to face many problems. Because if you face problems only then you can solve them and also you can get the all solutions of your problems. Also, if you have all the solutions only then you can teach the others.

Firstly, you have to know about SEO. SEO means search engine optimization, it helps very much to rank your blog . First of all, install the Yoast SEO plugin and activate it. It tells you each and everything that what you have to correct in your blog. So, remember that this plugin is very helpful for the blogging for beginners. Only this plugin is helps you to rank your blog.

Blogging for beginners | How can you earn money by blogging

You can also earn money by blogging. If your blog rank then you can earn money and your blog only rank when you write blog in your own words also with following all these steps. You can take advertisement from the google adsense. Once, the adds are pasted on your blog then you would easily make your money. Your earning is depend upon the impressions on adds from the visitors. The CPC means cost per click and it vary from the 0.01$ to 50$ per click. The variation of CPC is depend upon the adds and also from where the visitors click on your add ie., from which country.That means if a visitor click the add which are pasted on your blog then your earning vary as mentioned above.

I hope that this information is very helpful for you. If you have any query then comment below or if you have any doubt. If this information is helpful for you then it fells me very proud. Again, we told you that blogging for beginners is not so easy but if you decide that then nothing is impossible for you. Everything is possible in this world, never give up, face all the problems. Blogging is the best platform for everyone. If you have any query related to this blog then comment below.

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