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Today we are going to discuss about digital marketing. Many people asked this question that which business is suitable for me or what kind of business can we start. If you are also finding the solution of best business to start then don’t go anywhere just stay here and read the full article. Trust me, if you read the full article then you will be definitely get the solution of your problem. Firstly try to find that business which is based on your passion. Because if you got the success for the finding of your passionate business then you will be never get fail. But if didn’t get any business about your passion then what you have to do? This is the biggest question of your mind. If you’re also facing this kind of problem then don’t get worried. There is also a solution of your question.

Digital marketing is the solution of all your problems. Nowadays, network marketing is fast growing business entire the world. Now, there are many products from which we can do network marketing but the question is which one network marketing is best all of them. If you want the answer of this one then continue reading and don’t stop because today you will getting the solution of your all questions.

Fast earning method | Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

If you want to spend a luxurious life then don’t go anywhere. You can achieve and fulfill all your dreams from this concept. Here we are gonna tell you the concept of that company which is spread all over the world. Trust me this is the best business model ever. Now, the name of that business is mention below

viaENS | Platform for earning money

Digital marketing

The name of that company is viaENS means via Elysium Net Solution. Now we are going to know something about this company. This is an Indian company which was started by Arush Mahajan and Kanav Gupta. This company is 100% legally authorized. Now, we are not going to know deeply about this company, but if you have any query then please contact us. We will surely solve all the problems. Now, we will tell you the benefits about this company. This is a platform for earning unlimited money, earning of money is based on your ability, if you are capable to earn billionaire then you will. Because from this company you can earn through two sides. The first one is through website and the another one is through network marketing. Now, we are going to discuss in detail.

Website | First platform from which you can earn

Digital marketing

Now you know very well that how much can you earn through a website. If you don’t know then don’t get worried because we are here to tell you everything. Nowadays, everyone is shifted online and very less are those who don’t have any ideas about internet. Now, we are going to tell you how facebook, amazone, instagram became billionaire through internet. Everyone means every website earn income through any ways like CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), CPI (cost per installation) all these are some ways to earn money through website. If you make your website then you also have to earn money from that website, so you can earn through advertisement. Advertisement played an important role in earning money.

Whenever, you pasted adds on your website then you can earn. Because if you make a website and also upload some information on your website then also visitors visit on your website and if a single person visit on that add then you can earn minimum $0.1 upto $273. The CPC (cost per click) varies from $0.1 – $273, it’s depend upon add on your website.

Google Adsense | Biggest adsense company

Digital marketing

Now, the question is how can you pasted adds or who gives you adds? The adds which is pasted on your website is given by google adsense. Google adsense is the biggest and the famous company of the world which provides adds on your website. Now, the another question is why google adsense gives you add and we want to explain the solution of this question with the help of an example. Suppose any company want to promote their product then they have to promote that particular product online because majority of the population is now online. Now that company gave the responsibility of promote their product to google. Now, google further delivered that adds to various website for the promotion.

Let’s come to count the profit, firstly the main motive of that company is to promote their product and that company did very easily to give all the responsibility to google adsense that means company was successfully promote their product and google also earn their profit from that company and also that website will earn their money from adds which was further delivered from google adsense. Now, all of them get their profit.

Now the next question is how can we learn to handle the website? You can learn from viaENS team or online training module. The teams of viaENS spread all over the world. The best thing of viaENS company about the training session is that the training session is held twice a week all over the world and college students can also do this, in fact this company is specially for youngsters or college students. This company also teaches you SEO which helps you to rank your website.

Cost of the website package

Now the next question is about the cost of the website. Trust me the cost of website is too cheap in this company. The domain(website name) is depend upon you means company makes a website for you but the domain is chosen by you. But one domain name is registered only once means is already registered now you can’t register this domain name again. The cost of the website is Rs. 8999/- or $130.5 that’s why we told you that this is specially for college students because of this cheap cost. You can also check viaENS official website for more information but if you want to get discount then kindly join through us. Contact us on [email protected]

Now many of my friends told me that godady also provides a website at Rs99/- but my dear friend this is the only cost of the domain name. If you total the sum of all services of your website like domain name, CND, VPN, Bandwidth and so on which is required for making a perfect website then the cost of website on godady goes around Rs14339/- and they don’t teaches you. viaENS also teaches you everything and also provides a support service which helps you when you’re facing some technical issue. In short, viaENS helps you to earn skill as well as money. The minimum income that you can earn in a month only through website is Rs21000/-. If only 100 visitors click on your adds per day through all around the world.

There is another part that is business part as mentioned below:

Network Marketing | Digital Marketing | Second platform from which you can earn

This part is free and optional but for doing this part you have to buy a product that is website which is mentioned above. The term and condition for doing this part is that you have to buy the website package. This company gives you training about IT as well as Business Management. Now if your earn through website and refer this to your friend and then your friend also buy this package or if you promote this product then you can also earn through promotion of that package and this is known as business part or digital marketing. If your only two friends buy this website through you then these two friends are placed under you as a FSO(first sale organization) and SSO(second sale organization).

Now if their friends also wants to buy this package then the same procedure goes on and you can earn through this continuous method. If the 2:1 or 1:2 ratio complete then you will earn the check of Rs2000/- and so on. Here your earning is based on your capability. If your capability is unlimited then you can earn unlimited. Whenever you follow the POD(Power Of Duplication) graph then your earning will be beyond your thoughts. If you share this package to your friends and two of them buy this package in a month and again your friends doing the same process. Again two persons buy this product through your friend and again the process goes on.

If this process is goes on, then in 1st month your team will be of 2 members and 2nd month the team will be add 4 new members ans goes on, at the last of month of the year your team will add the 4096 new members. This is the power of duplication.

How much money you can earn in a year

Now, if you sum the total members of your team then you will get 8190 in your answer. Now if we calculate the earning of money then you have to divide 8190 to the number of members making a slab that is 50. Then you get the answer of 163.8, now you have to multiply the amount of money earning in a slab into 163.8. Then the answer is 45 lacs and 95 thousands. This means you can earn 40 lacs and 95 thousand in a year due to digital marketing or business part. The product of viaENS company is website that’s why we can call digital marketing instead of network marketing. Grab this opportunity. Because this is only made for you.

Digital Marketing Courses

You can also learn here digital marketing for free. You can also achieve digital marketing certification through viaENS without paying any cost. The courses which you learn through viaENS are search engine marketing(SEM), Social media marketing(SMM), Search engine optimization(SEO) and also many more.

Trust me this is biggest opportunity ever. Don’t miss and grab this opportunity. If you want more information or if you have any doubt please contact us. My message is only that please don’t miss this awesome opportunity. If you want to join through us then contact us on [email protected]

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