The most lovely howling and wonderful place. I had ever seen in my whole life.When it involves visiting the state capital of capital of Hawaii, hiking the Koko Crater path, conjointly referred to as the Koko Head Stairs, has become a daily tradition for tourists. In line with my read this can be the heaven on earth. With 1,048 steps to the highest. The path follows the steep hill. That path rises one, 200 feet on top of Kawaii Kai and overlooks Hanauma Bay. The path is estimate at one and a 0.5 miles round-trip from the parking lot. And is typically rate at a moderate to intermediate level.

 What is KOKO HEAD according to me | Heaven on earth

For me this can be the heaven that is found on the planet. Koko Head is usually known as nature’s Stairmaster. However humans helped the evolution of the incline by adding a railway throughout war II. So as to move military personnel and provides up to lookouts designed at the highest. Today, all that is still area unit remnants of the previous lookouts and a path lined with railroad ties. Hiking up the Koko (Heaven on earth)Head stairs may be a nice physical exercise that may create your legs want jell-o. And obtain you therefore drench in your own sweat that you just are going to be ready to wring your garments out at the highest.

This hike is widespread among athletes and locals. As a result of it’s such a good physical exercise with beautiful views to reward you at the highest. Those who fuck often even time themselves running up. Exhausted hikers sitting on the bottom mark the doorway to the hike in Koko Head Park, Hawaii. Follow the part made-up foot path behind the piece of ground to the beginning of the railway. This can be the a part of the hike wherever some folks get a touch bit intimidated. Once trying up at the railway and barely creating out the ant-sized figures slowly creating their manner towards the summit is usually enough to possess the general public second guess themselves.


There area unit one,048 railroad ties (steps) to the tip of the railway. Then another thirty more or less feet of walking to induce to the planning out points. The Koko Head steps area unitn’t formed equally. And are virtually double the breadth of a standard stair therefore unless you’re extraordinarily tall. This might mean that you just area unit either taking 2 steps for each railway tie. You can also doing lunges up the complete manner.

A number of the ‘steps’ area unit terribly worn down yet.  As therefore there area unit some makeshift steps. And different areas wherever the unclean ground will be quite slippery. This is a steep climb to the highest of Koko Head Crater with spectacular wide views of the east capital of Hawaii bounds. The a thousand and step-like walking track consists of abandoned railroad ties.  And also that lie the crater’s side to the highest of Koko Crater. The military used them antecedently throughout war II. As a part of Associate in Nursing incline tram to move provides to a lookout post at the summit. What is more a brief drive from Diamond Head and vacation spot. This widespread hiked path will be access at Koko Head Park in Hawaii Kai.

what is more this can be a good physical exercise with a good looking read at the summit – do not forget to bring water! Guests may also be interested within the Koko Crater arboretum at the highest of the crater. However in line with my read this can be the bestest place within the entire world. you ought to need to go atleast just one occasion in your life. I’m undoubtedly certain you cannot stop yourself, if you came atleast just one occasion here.

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